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DEC. 21, 2012-JAN. 1, 2013

Law firms are marking the season with festive in-house traditions. Court filings reveal William Conour's lavish lifestyle. Some women are rejecting the traditional legal career path.

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Pilot iPad program expanding in Indiana General Assembly

The process of turning a bill into a law requires thousands of pages of paper. Even the bills that do not become laws consume stacks and stacks – literally tons – of paper each year. But the tide may be turning. A pilot project in the Indiana General Assembly is being expanded with the goal of eventually replacing all that paper with electronic copies.

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Attorneys find fulfillment helping orphans

Nelson Vogel, partner at Barnes & Thornburg LLP in South Bend, and Scott Weathers, attorney in Indianapolis, have never met, never crossed paths in a courtroom. Yet, both lawyers readily give their time and attention to youngsters who live in impoverished countries and mostly want just to talk and play with someone.

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2012 DTCI Amicus Report

In 2012, the Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana’s Amicus Committee participated, or is participating, in four interesting appeals, each involving support for parties seeking transfer to the Indiana Supreme Court.

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Bankruptcy judge warns of impact of ‘fiscal cliff’

Chief Judge James K. Coachys in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Indiana sent a memo to the Indiana State Bar Association Wednesday explaining how budget cuts and the potential “fiscal cliff” have affected the court.

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Chinn: 3 Ways to Help at the End of 2012

At bottom, the IndyBar is a member service organization. The IndyBar Board of Directors and staff spend considerable time trying to find ways to serve the membership, including by soliciting feedback. That is mission critical – and it should never change.

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