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DEC. 7-20, 2012

Some attorneys are opting out of the long-term commitment of renting or buying office space and instead using "virtual" offices to practice. Will the tax credits given for renewable energy sources - which includes the wind farms in northern Indiana - sunset at the end of the year? the constitutionality of Indiana's Choice Scholarship Program is now before the state Supreme Court.

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Indiana Judges Association: Do media measure up in court coverage?

We judges are obligated to actually ignore popular opinion or preference and apply the law, but we are further constrained to not discuss our decisions on talk shows or interviews. Yet, public confidence in courts is more important than any other branch of government because people need to believe in us or they will not believe or obey our rulings.

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Why Join DTCI?

The Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana explains why attorneys should join the organization, including first-hand insight and a free DRI membership.

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DTCI’s Indiana Civil Litigation Review

The DTCI’s flagship publication, the Indiana Civil Litigation Review, will be distributed soon. Members and subscribers can anticipate another issue full of valuable information and analyses by leaders of Indiana’s defense bar.

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Chinn: What I’m Thankful For

With Thanksgiving meals, family gatherings and football games barely visible in the rear view mirror, I want to get my thoughts of holiday thankfulness in just under the wire. In full disclosure, I’m focused here on three things about which I am most thankful for the Indianapolis Bar Association.

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IBA: Got a question? ‘Safe Ask’ has an answer

Have you ever had a question that you couldn’t answer, and didn’t feel comfortable asking a colleague at your firm or even a close friend? Perhaps you’re in a solo practice and aren’t quite sure where to turn … or maybe you just need a second opinion on a course of action.

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IBA: Around the Bar

The month of November has officially passed, but it wasn’t without an impressive array of social events, educational programming and special opportunities for both IndyBar members and the legal community.

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Bar Crawl – 12/7/12

Students from 12 Indiana high schools and middle schools will again be showcasing their knowledge of the U.S. Constitution in the annual “We The People” competition.

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