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FEB. 13-26, 2013

In response to the slow economy, Indiana law schools are changing their curricula to better prepare students. Some of Sen. Mike Delphl's bills have raised eyebrows in the legal community. Attorneys are navigating through the massive overhaul of HIPPA.

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Lucas: Had a tough day? Escape to the movies!

With this issue of IL, we begin presenting movie reviews by Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer Bob Hammerle. Bob is known to many lawyers and businesspeople for his passion about cinema and his colorful commentary about the latest shows to hit the theaters.

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Dean’s Desk: A new curriculum at Valparaiso Law School

Law schools have two natures. On the one hand, they are graduate academic programs, generally in universities. On the other hand, a law school is a path to a career. Through the educational program and other services, it develops professional skills in students and supports their entry into law or other professional practice.

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DTCI: Premises liability for the criminal acts of others

Indiana premises liability jurisprudence may be changing. If it does, being a business owner in Indiana will be increasingly risky. Not a risk premised on how good the business person may be, but premised on whether a crime will occur at the business and harm a customer, visitor or guest.

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IBA: Indianapolis Bar Foundation Grant Supports Expansion Of In-School Teen Court

As the recipient of the 2012 Impact Fund grant of $35,000 from the Indianapolis Bar Foundation, Reach for Youth expanded its successful Teen Court program to include an in-school Teen Court project aimed at halting disruptive behavior before it escalates to criminal activity requiring expulsion. Decatur Middle School, Warren Central High School, and Stony Brook Middle School were among the first participants.

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