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JAN. 2-15, 2013

Attorneys who draft prenuptial agreements say that the prenups shouldn't be written to be fair. Specialized units in Indiana target Medicare and Medicaid fraud. The We the People program helps turn some students into lawyers.

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2012 Year in Review

2012 was another busy year for the legal community. We welcomed new justices and a new chief justice, witnessed the beginnings of the state’s fifth law school, and saw local stories garner national and international attention. Here’s a look back at the top news stories from last year.

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McGoff: It is a new year, start creating a new ‘you’

Each year, as Jan. 1 approaches and we gaze in the mirror at the after effects of the holidays … dark circles under our eyes, too many cookies and an over-abundance of cocktail parties, we set our sights on resolutions. We vow that “this time” we are going to do it! However, the statistics show that over 80 percent of us who set New Year’s resolutions will fail.

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Lucas: 2013 brings opportunities to effect change

As I write the first of my 2013 columns, my inclination is to put on my rose-colored glasses and look with optimism toward the year ahead. While I feel that I am truly a glass-half-full kind of gal, I am also a realist and not a fan of people who stick their heads in the sand and pretend things are OK when they are not.

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IBA: Lawyers Doing Good

Upon first learning that I am an attorney, a non-attorney friend said to me, “despite all of the stereotyped joke opportunities, lawyers do a lot of good in this world.” He is right.

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