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JULY 25-AUG. 7, 2018

Gov. Eric Holcomb appointed Lake Superior Judge Elizabeth Tavitas to the Indiana Court of Appeals, where she will succeeding now-Senior Judge Michael Barnes. A commission studying alcohol issues in Indiana will focus on permits and the state's quota system. For more than three decades, Indianapolis attorney Charles Braun has gone on air live to answer callers' legal questions a local radio show.

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Alcohol commission will study permits, quota system

Coming off the successful passage of Sunday sales legislation during the 2018 Indiana legislative session, the Alcohol Code Revision Commission re-convened for the first time on July 18 to chart its course for this year’s study topics. While the commission’s work last year focused on more specific topics like Sunday sales, this year’s group has been charged with studying more general issues, including alcohol permits, the state’s quota structure and the causes and effects of over-consumption.

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Abortion experts say Kavanaugh can’t end Roe alone

As the U.S. Senate gears up for Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings and citizens continue discussing the potential impact the D.C. Circuit judge could have on the U.S. Supreme Court, one issue continually rises to the top of the dialogues: abortion rights and the possibility of overturning Roe v. Wade.

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Neglect or not? (

Neglect or not? DCS study takes aim at CHINS statute

It’s not uncommon for the Indiana Department of Child Services to hear it doesn’t have enough evidence to support its child welfare cases. Children in need of services cases that enter the court often leave shredded by judges for lack of a sufficient reasoning as to why they came before the bench without enough evidence to back up the claims.

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Making Rain: Do you think like a client? If not, try this

Getting work done and generating billable hours are always two primary areas of focus for lawyers in law firms. And if you are in-house, there is a never-ending stream of work that needs to be done and deadlines that need to be met. So how can you possibly have the time to step back and think like a client?

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IndyBar: Be Like a Scout — Prepared

Borrowing from the Boy Scouts motto, if I were to craft a lawyer's motto, it would be something like this: "To be prepared means you, as a lawyer, are, in all client matters, to be in a state of readiness in mind and body to do your duty."

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DTCI: Award nominations invited

The Defense Trial Counsel’s Annual Meeting will be held Nov. 15 and 16 in South Bend at the University of Notre Dame. One of the highlights of the meeting will be the presentation of the “Defense Lawyer of the Year,” the “Diplomat of the Indiana Defense Trial Counsel” and the “Outstanding Young Lawyer” awards. The DTCI Awards Committee is now accepting nominations for this year’s awards.

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DTCI: Author! Author!

The 2018 edition of the DTCI Indiana Civil Litigation Review is now in the planning stages. The board of editors invites ideas and authors for articles for Volume XV, deadline Sept. 1.

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