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MARCH 6-19, 2019

Legislation moving through the Indiana Statehouse takes aim at predatory real estate practices, seeking to tame the "Wild West" nature of some land-sale contracts. The United States Supreme Court answered some questions in a landmark Indiana civil forfeiture decision, but other questions — and cases — remain. A legal aid initiative started in 2016 has since helped improve the lives of hundreds of clients with disabilities.

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Legal aid initiative enables those with disabilities

Tangram, a nonprofit in Indianapolis that provides support for individuals with disabilities, joined forces in 2016 with Indiana Legal Services to launch the Providing Legal Assistance to Individuals with Disabilities initiative. PLAID assistance has since improved the lives of hundreds of clients statewide.

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Charlestown residents challenging sale of water utility

A group of residents from Charlestown is challenging the sale of the local water utility to Indiana-American Water, a transaction that comes with a $13.4 million price tag. Charlestown officials say the sale will improve the local water quality in the long run while mitigating rate increases, but the challenging residents claim the opposite.

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Indiana leads 20-state coalition’s whistleblower brief

A scheme to award a multi-million-dollar no-bid subcontract to provide security in Iraq during the cleanup of munitions has put the spotlight on the federal False Claims Act and raised concerns among states, including Indiana, that a narrower interpretation of the long-standing statute could impact their ability to recover in whistleblower complaints.

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Ruling in smart meter case highlights privacy concerns

A ruling from the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals about smart meters inspired contradictory reactions as the appellate panel held that data collected through the devices by a public utility is protected by the Fourth Amendment, but then, in the next breath, found the search by the Naperville, Illinois, power company was reasonable.

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IndyBar: Student Loan Debt Got You Down?

The Indianapolis Bar Association and Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law are conducting listening sessions to young lawyers with law school student loan debt on March 26 and April 11.

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DTCI: The Sanctity of the Hoosier Paycheck

Wage and labor litigation is the hot new cottage industry. With a mandatory award of attorney fees and risk for substantial defense costs, lawsuits for unpaid wages arising under state and federal law should heighten employers’ review of just what goes in, and what gets taken out of, one of the most sacred covenants of employment: the paycheck.

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