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MAY 1-14, 2019

An Indiana Lawyer review of public records suggests Attorney General Curtis Hill may have used taxpayer dollars to pay for ethics counsel in his ongoing sexual misconduct matters. The lawyer who owns a bucolic Brown County hamlet is selling, paving the way for someone else to write Story's next chapter. The Indiana General Assembly passed a few Department of Child Services reforms, but many lawmakers said this year's measurs are just a first step.

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AG Hill using tax dollars for groping legal woes?

The Office of the Indiana Attorney General has paid more than $29,000 for outside legal ethics counsel, and public records indicate thousands of dollars in tax money may have paid for legal services related to the fallout from the sexual misconduct accusations against Attorney General Curtis Hill.

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General Assembly passes DCS reforms

As Senate Enrolled Act 1 was heading for its third and final reading in the Indiana House of Representatives, Rep. Vanessa Summers reminded her colleagues that their work in helping reform the Department of Child Services is not finished.

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Finding the best law school fit

Courtship season is in full bloom, but forget loving and cherishing — these “marriages” are about test scores, rankings and scholarships. Law schools are proposing their best offers while applicants are trying to decide if the match is meant to be or if they may be able to do better.

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ACLU sues to block latest Indiana abortion law

The American Civil Liberties Union has once again filed a federal lawsuit challenging an Indiana abortion law, this time filing a complaint against recently signed legislation that would place new restrictions on second-trimester abortions.

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Lewinski: Challenged to “Locke” into a property rights resolution

In the curriculum for business ethics that I teach to students at Butler University’s Lacy School of Business, we cover John Locke and his notion of private property rights – natural rights that existed for each individual in the state of nature. Locke contended that men left that state of nature, in part, because the challenge of enforcing those rights led to a state of war. In more than 30 years of real estate litigation practice, I have seen what often looks like that state of war play out between litigants.

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Parrish: Commencement calls for review of annual milestones

This weekend is a time of celebration in Bloomington, as we welcome friends and family of the Class of 2019 for our annual commencement ceremony. It’s an important milestone in our students’ lives. Commencement is also a time for looking back. The past year saw several significant milestones for the IU Maurer School of Law. I’d like to touch on just a few of them.

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Living Fit: A few helpful hints for breaking and making habits

Some habits are great. Many that we in the legal profession have created are harmful. Once habits are formed, they are difficult to break because they are second nature — we forget we are doing them. The process is set in motion before you realize, “I’m doing it again.”

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IndyBar: When Maslow’s Hierarchy Is Irrelevant

In college, I learned about the “hierarchy of needs,” is a five-stage model, depicted as a pyramid by psychologist Abraham Maslow, in which human needs progress from basic needs (food, water and warmth) through psychological needs (intimate relationships) and peaking with self-fulfillment needs (self-actualization). What I did not comprehend as a college student was how many in our country are in situations that do not allow the luxury of fulfillment of psychological needs, let alone the dream of attaining self-actualization.

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IndyBar: Melissa Hathaway Named Paralegal of the Year

The Indianapolis Bar Association is proud to recognize Melissa Hathaway of Lewis Wagner LLP as the association’s Paralegal of the Year for 2019. Hathaway will be honored with the award at the IndyBar Paralegal Appreciation Luncheon on Wednesday, May 29 at the Skyline Club.

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IndyBar: Ask a Lawyer

Volunteer IndyBar attorneys, paralegals and law students were scattered across Indianapolis on Tuesday, April 9 for the biannual Ask a Lawyer legal advice program.

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DTCI: Importance of Perfectly Worded Risk Transfer Provisions

As with any contractual agreement, the importance of shifting or transferring risk in the unfortunate event of either bodily injury or property damage loss is imperative. The importance of transferring risk in construction cases cannot be overstated since the damages are often significant and catastrophic.

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