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NOV.23-DEC. 6, 2012

The lower pay in the public sector legal jobs is leading to high turnover and causing the criminal justice system to suffer. Attorneys who enjoy cooking share their favorite recipes. Social media and online acounts challenge estate planning attorneys.

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E-state planning

Will your Facebook account, online presence and virtual world live on after you? The rise of social media and proliferation of online accounts are posing such real-life questions for lawyers who concentrate in estate planning. But it remains an evolving question how wills, trusts and power of attorney grants will address these and other staples of the Internet age.

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Lucas: Dedication of clerks leads to smooth elections

The 2012 elections are finally over. And while I think most people, with the possible exception of mail carriers and holiday Scrooges, are happy to have gift catalogs replace political flyers in their mailboxes, I would bet that no group is happier to see election season come to an end than the county clerks.

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