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OCT. 26-NOV. 8, 2012

In an otherwise quiet appellate judicial ballot, Justice Steven David has created a website after opposition against him mounts because of the Barnes decision. The U.S. Supreme Court's decision on a suit involving Monsanto and a Knox County farmer could affect farming practices. Lawyers capture the beauty of courthouses in their art.

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Signs of dissent in retention vote

Justice Steven David's Barnes opinion finding no right to resist unlawful police entry results in an unusual ouster effort on an otherwise quiet appellate judicial ballot.

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Start Page: why the fax won’t die

The modern fax machine was introduced in 1964 by Xerox. Fast forward to today. Unless you use a typewriter, there are no other machines in your office that have remained essentially unchanged in form and function for almost 50 years. Fax is ubiquitous, reliable, simple and cheap. Why would you want to mess that up?

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DTCI: take the time to appreciate life’s moments

I cannot imagine any professionals more obsessed with time than lawyers. While a great debate still rages as to whether the billable hour is dead, the fact remains that many lawyers continue to measure services to clients by a unit of time: the billable hour.

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Lucas: More information is needed when judging the judges

Up the street and around the corner from my Broad Ripple house, a yard sign caught my eye that didn’t involve the usual Democrat versus Republican political rhetoric. This simple, hand-painted sign called for the ouster of Supreme Court Justice Steven David.

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Weinberger sentenced to 84 months in prison

A judge on Friday rejected former Merrillville "nose doctor" Mark Weinberger’s request to be released from federal prison for time served and instead ordered him to spend almost another four years behind bars for fraud.

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Court orders BMV to hold hearing on whether felon can get ID

A federal judge has found a convicted felon’s due process clause claim “has teeth” and that the Bureau of Motor Vehicles must determine whether to issue the man an identification card even though his last name on his birth certificate and Social Security card do not match.

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Chinn: The Future of the Profession, Part 1

October 15, 2012 was a day 423 lawyers will remember for the rest of their lives. That’s because it was the day they were sworn into the Indiana bar. I was pleased to be there too on behalf of the Indianapolis Bar Association.

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