Pryor garners praise at confirmation hearing

Having built a legal career that includes two federal court clerkships, 12 years in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Indiana and four years as a federal magistrate judge, 7th Circuit Court of Appeals nominee and Southern Indiana District Court Magistrate Judge Doris Pryor sat for her confirmation hearing Wednesday and faced the stiffest questions about a 2019 speech she gave for Constitution Day at her son’s elementary school.

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Sex offender names ordered removed for ‘right to travel’ violation

Six men required to register as sex offenders after moving to Indiana can have their names removed from the sex offender registry, the 7th Circuit has held, finding that the state’s registration law discriminates between offenders who have consistently lived in Indiana and those who more recently moved into the state. A dissenting judge, however, disagreed with the majority’s holding that the registration law burdens the plaintiffs’ right to travel.

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