Dillman: Economic instability and the need to plan for long-term care

The current economic crisis has rattled the confidence of all of us, including my clients. If you are in a practice that focuses on pre-planning, then I am sure you are seeing a similar reaction. Clients who are typically proactive are now pulling back on the reins and taking care of immediate needs — doing just enough to address these immediate needs — rather than preparing for the near future.

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Applegate: How elder caregivers can take a guilt-free summer vacation

Often, caregivers can feel guilty about getting away while they have so much responsibility at home or find it impossible to imagine getting a break. Lots of questions can arise, such as who will take care of the loved ones, how they can continue receiving help, what happens if an emergency arises and more. But with so much day-to-day responsibility as a caregiver, it’s important to have time to refresh and avoid burnout.

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