Academic analysis: Fired for storming the Capitol? Of course

Can you be fired for joining a violent mob that storms the Capitol? Of course you can. Based on my experience as a law professor and lawyer specializing in employment law, I doubt that most employers are losing sleep over whether such decisions are legally justified.

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Dozens file court support for gay teacher in fight with Archdiocese of Indianapolis

The fight over a teacher at Cathedral High School who was fired for being in a same-sex marriage is highlighting a split between conservative and progressive members of the Catholic faith with several members of the Indiana legal community — including a former 7th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge and an Indiana attorney prominent in Republican politics — now adding their voices in opposition to the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.

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States look to ‘salary history bans’ to increase pay equity

Using what’s known as “salary history bans,” governments at the state and local level are limiting employers’ ability to consider a candidate’s previous wages when making an employment decision. The breadth of these bans varies by jurisdiction, but the concept remains the same: under a salary history ban, an employer cannot explicitly ask a prospective employee what they earned in a previous job.

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