• Big data is predicting outcomes in court

    Big data is growing in importance, and corporate legal departments, despite being slower to adapt initially, are increasingly utilizing data analytics as part of their practices, according to a 2019 report. But despite all the hype, big data, by itself, cannot do a thing.

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New and improved PACER system unveiled

The electronic PACER federal court records system is sporting a new look and improved functions as part of its first major upgrade in a decade. New features are touted as enabling users to more easily navigate the system, more quickly find what they are seeking, and get better access on their mobile devices. The upgrade also is designed to improve accessibility for people with disabilities.

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Babione: Manage employees’ use of “shadow IT” apps at work

In-house and outside counsel face many challenges managing company data. One significant challenge is employee use of software applications which are not part of the employer’s official information technology infrastructure. The use of technology outside the official IT structure (often called “shadow IT”) raises a variety of problems and potential costs for in-house counsel and others who deal with the organization’s data, such as outside litigation counsel.

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