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FEB. 16 – MARCH 1, 2011

Meet four couples who are both lawyers. The Indiana University - Indianapolis law school program in Egypt has been halted due to the protests. The Indiana Supreme Court rarely grants emergency transfers.

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Lawyer couples

While some couples prefer to keep their work and personal lives separate, it’s not unheard of for lawyers to pair up. Four couples shared their stories with Indiana Lawyer.

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Financing new energy creators

When attorney John Kirkwood sees a garbage dump, his mind not only starts wandering toward the renewable energy that could be produced at that site but also an expanding field of law that’s drawing more lawyers into the environmental fold.

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IBA: When Disaster Strikes

Icepocalypse 2011 is finally beginning to melt.hankfully, no local practitioners experienced damage to their offices due to collapsed roofs or other storm damage. However, if they had what were the chances they had a disaster plan in place to deal with the aftermath?

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IBA: Two Hours Can Change a Life

Provide the community with the opportunity to not only gain free legal advice, but to get to know what great community servants lawyers are by volunteering to assist with the Indianapolis Bar Association’s April 12, 2011 Ask a Lawyer program.

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