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June 8 – 22, 2011

Public outcry over controversial court decisions is not new in Indiana. Read about unpopular rulings from the past that have led to public outcry and changes in judicial selection. Strong storms have caused local law firms to scramble, prompting the creation of disaster plans. Is your firm ready if disaster strikes? And is there really "Justice for All" in the Hoosier state? Read about the disconnect that occurs between immigrants and law enforcement agencies.

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Law firm managers plan for the worst

Like other businesses, law firms know it is vital to be able to serve clients during times of disaster. Locally, many firms have begun developing or have revisited business continuity plans – particularly after 2006 when a strong storm whipped through downtown Indianapolis and shattered the windows in a high-rise building, displacing several law firms.

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Keeping baseball legal

An Indianapolis sports law attorney who represented a prosecution witness at the start of the baseball steroid case against Barry Bonds recently saw the final “at bat” for the prosecution and defense in a California courtroom.

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Justices rule: No right to resist

The Indiana Supreme Court caught many people off guard when it abolished the common law right of citizens to reasonably resist police from entering their homes, no matter the situation and regardless of whether the entry is legal.

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ITLA volunteers connecting with community

Time is money. Money makes the world go ’round. So what is so powerful that it can motivate busy lawyers to give up both? Perhaps it is the realization that with a small donation of each, they have the power to help alleviate hunger among children and families in central Indiana.

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Local counsel rule found unconstitutional

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that the Northern District of Indiana was essentially creating a built-in appeal issue on ineffective assistance of counsel, and it called out a senior judge for violating a man’s Sixth Amendment right to choose his own lawyer.

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Technology Untangled: Google offers useful and fun features

Almost everyone is familiar with the popular and useful Google search engine. If you take a closer look at Google’s main page, ( you will see a small menu choice named “more.” I did some exploring into that drop-down list and discovered a wide variety of useful, functional, and fun features. Today we will look at just a few of the many extras that Google offers.

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Groups file suits against new law

The National Immigration Law Center, American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana, and the national ACLU Foundation Immigrants’ Rights Project filed a class action lawsuit May 25 challenging the wording of a new Indiana law designed to curb illegal immigration.

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Hearing set for UPL case

The Indiana Supreme Court won’t reconsider its 2010 decision ordering United Financial Systems Corp. to refund money for estate planning services it sold, constituting an unauthorized practice of law.

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Clark judges sue over budget cuts

Clark Circuit and Superior judges have filed lawsuits against county officials over proposed budget cuts, restarting the kind of litigation that four years ago led to the Indiana Supreme Court’s urging that trial judges work with and share in the financial decision-making process rather than resorting to judicial mandates.

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IBA: AIB Touted as ‘Best Alternative’

Whether you are a sole practitioner or the managing partner of one of Indy’s largest law firms, the IndyBar’s Attorneys for an Independent Bench (“AIB”) may be the best alternative to support judicial candidates in the 2012 elections for Marion Circuit and Superior Courts.

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