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MAY 3-16, 2017

Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s legal team races to meet challenges happening at the track and revs up new events. Failing the bar hurts, but it doesn’t spell doom for a future legal career. Mediators are seeing a rise in attorneys arriving to meetings unprepared.

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Lawyers want flexibility in work schedules

The current trend seems to be law firms offering more flexible work schedules for attorneys who have kids. In 2016, 35.2 percent of U.S. law firms offered full or part-time work-from-home policies for their attorneys, compared to 31.7 percent the previous year, according to the Association of Legal Administrators’ 2016 Compensation and Benefits Survey.

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Pro bono reporting results draw mixed reaction

The first round of data collected from Indiana’s new pro bono reporting rule invoked opposing reactions among the members of the Coalition for Court Access who recently reviewed the numbers. Some thought the amount of time and money lawyers donated to legal aid was shameful, while others were thrilled with the level of giving.

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Study: Millennials want to make partner on own track

According to a study recently released by Major Lindsey & Africa and Above the Law, roughly 44 percent of millennial law firm attorneys surveyed said they hope to someday make partner, either at the firm they’re currently with or at another firm. That result came as a surprise to Major Lindsey & Africa partners who, like many older attorneys, bought into the assumption that the law’s youngest employees were exploring options off the traditional partner track.

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COA hears malpractice case involving former Conour associate

Roughly five years after former Indianapolis personal injury attorney William Conour was charged in a federal wire fraud case, the Indiana Court of Appeals heard a legal malpractice action involving one of his ex-colleagues for alleged malpractice. One of Conour's victims claims the attorney's actions kept her in the dark about theft of her settlement money.

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DTCI Women in the Law

DTCI Women in the Law recently joined together to make a large donation of essential items to Beacon of Hope, whose mission includes “empowering victims of domestic violence to become self-sufficient by providing safety, education and support.”

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IndyBar: Civility in the Reality TV Era

Many of the people who appear in court are experiencing the legal system for the first time. Their only prior experience may be what they’ve seen on television. The problem is that they’re no longer watching the virtuous Perry Mason or my personal favorite, Ben Matlock.

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