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MAY 31-JUNE 13, 2017

The final stop for a last will and testament in the e-filing era depends on where in Indiana an estate is opened and what the local probate court demands, at least for now. The Indiana Court of Appeals is deciding whether agency immunity covers a lawyer's failure to file a lawsuit. The closing of Indiana Tech Law School leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

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ABA urges ‘reasonable efforts’ to avoid cyberattacks

The ABA's Formal Ethics Opinion 477 is an updated version of a previous one handed down in 1999, when email was the primary method of electronic communication. Now, attorneys communicate with their clients in a variety of ways and with various devices, necessitating new guidance to legal professionals on how to protect their work on all platforms, the opinion said.

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Retzner: Estate planning second step is more important than first

Most clients, and indeed more than a few attorneys, believe that once step one is completed, so is the client’s estate planning. The file is closed and, maybe a reminder to check back with the client in a few years for any updates. Maybe there is correspondence discussing “step two,” but in too many cases nothing is done. Step two, however, is by far the most important part of the estate planning process.

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