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Nov. 1-14, 2017

The legal profession celebrates CLE at 30, while calling for change. An Indianapolis law firm's career coaching program is giving first-year associates instant feedback. The Indiana Department of Revenue has refined its processes so that processes of review are no longer so taxing.

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No longer a taxing process of review

When Department of Revenue Commissioner Adam Krupp took over the department in January, he decided to revamp its policies to focus more on customer service. Working alongside general counsel Patrick Price, Krupp implemented a new customer-oriented protest review system that has slashed taxpayer wait times and also helped increase efficiency at the Tax Court.

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DOC sex offender program faces Fifth Amendment test

The question of whether Indiana’s treatment program for convicted sex offenders is constitutional is not only providing a case of first impression for the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals but could also give the U.S. Supreme Court the opportunity to clear the confusion over when a prison violates an inmate’s Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination.

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Robinson: The retirement conundrum

Lawyers routinely resolve other people’s problems, and often carry their clients’ burdens. However, lawyers may not do as well in addressing their own issues, such as preparing for a healthy and rewarding retirement.

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IndyBar: Attorneys Needed for Naturalization Ceremonies

Twice a month, a ceremony at the U.S. Courthouse welcomes newly naturalized American citizens. It’s an awe-inspiring ceremony–and you can be a part of it. Indianapolis Bar Association attorney members participate in the naturalization ceremonies by handing out a booklet containing the U.S. and Indiana constitutions and presenting brief remarks.

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