Hartz: What’s intellectual property got to do with war in Ukraine?

Do you or your clients have operations or sales in Russia? It is not a popular place to be doing business right now. The physical conflict in Ukraine has spread to economic and political countermeasures, including various private companies voluntarily withdrawing from the Russian market. But the Russian government is striking back at U.S. and other companies who are pulling out of the market by modifying the Russian intellectual property systems.

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Perry and Cahr: Important new laws will have ripple effect for IP owners, practitioners

A final surprise for 2020 emerged from December’s marathon omnibus spending and COVID-19 relief negotiations. Congress included a trio of notable and hotly debated intellectual property measures in its multi-trillion-dollar spending and relief package which could fundamentally alter the manner in which intellectual property owners protect and enforce their rights.

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Unleashing innovation: 40th anniversary of Bayh-Dole Act celebrates law credited with improving lives around the world

The Bayh-Dole Act, marking its 40th anniversary, has contributed hundreds of billions of dollars to the U.S. gross domestic product and supported million jobs by unleashing the discoveries in America’s leading universities. But the landmark legislation now hailed as an engine of innovation and enterprise almost never came to pass.

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