COA to hear arguments in trademark case at Merrillville High School

The Indiana Court of Appeals will hear oral argument in An-Hung Yao v. State of Indiana and Yu-Ting Lin v. State of Indiana at 12:30 p.m. (CDT) May 25, 2011, at Merrillville High School in the Freshman Center Lecture Hall. A panel of judges consisting of Chief Judge Margret G. Robb, Judge Michael P. Barnes, and Judge Terry A. Crone will hear the case on appeal from Huntington Circuit Court.

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Bill causes concern for civic education

As educators and legal professionals continue their struggle to make civic education a priority for students, the Indiana Legislature has passed a bill that may put more pressure on teachers to focus on test scores rather than overall student development.

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As boomers age, lawyers seeing new trends in estate and health care planning

Born between 1946 and 1964, baby boomers are not like generations that came before them with regard to estate-planning needs. Many of them are living longer and will be working longer – some by choice and others because the value of their retirement accounts has plunged in recent years. As they look toward their future, the boomers’ top concerns are asset protection and paying for long-term care, although each person may have a different approach about how to accomplish those goals.

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