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April 17-30, 2019

With spring in the air, we check in on Indianapolis attorney Bret Clement, who, when not working his day job, might be found developing new varieties of daylilies. Changes are coming to the Indiana Child Support Guidelines, and lawyers can now have their say about the proposals. Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law Dean Andrew Klein plans to go back to the classroom next year after leading the school through a rough patch for legal education.


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Public defenders: ‘Pay now or pay later’

In the 2½ years since the Sixth Amendment Center released a report strongly condemning indigent criminal defense in Indiana, public defenders have pressed for reforms. Now, those efforts slowly are beginning to bear fruit as the Indiana General Assembly takes action on reform legislation.

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Roach & Hiler: Top 10 technology licensing pitfalls

While license agreements are often complex, we have seen many common pitfalls in licenses for patents and know-how (trademark and copyright licenses present similar issues, but are beyond the scope of this article). A “top 10” is a somewhat arbitrary list, but here goes:

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Cole: Congress to the rescue in race to save software patents

When it often takes three to five years to secure a patent, you don’t want to empty your patent application pipeline if you think the law will change in the near term. And now it is looking increasingly likely that Congress will step in and bring order to the current chaos.

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IndyBar: Celebrating the Practice of Law, 25 and 50 Years at a Time

We will honor 18 attorneys who have achieved 50 years of practice and 62 attorneys who have practiced for 25 years on May 9 at the Woodstock Club for the annual Practice Milestone Celebration. Each of these attorneys has a remarkable story of hard work, dedication and commitment. I wish I could write a column about them all, but I only have room to focus on three 50-year practitioners who have personally impacted me in my career.

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IndyBar: Reflecting on 50 Years of Life in the Profession

Events of 50 years ago remain clear in the minds of our colleagues who’ve been fortunate enough to have practiced law since then. We had the chance to talk with a few of them to gain insight into just a few of the things that have changed and the advice they have for practitioners today.

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DTCI: A dramatic, real life slip-and-fall case fit for television

Is being an attorney as exciting as it looks on TV? I’m sure as lawyers, we have all heard one version of this question or another. Usually, I say, “Nah, television makes everything seem more dramatic.” I definitely watch shows that depict lawyers with a healthy dose of eye-rolling. My 2019 practice of law, however, started off with a story fit for television.

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