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Aug. 26-Sept. 8, 2015

James Dimos' new leadership gig with the American Bar Association eventually will take him away from his adopted Indianapolis home of more than 30 years, but in a way, he'll be returning home. A legislative interim study committee is considering a proposal that would allow DNA to be collected from those arrested, but not yet convicted, of a felony, but concerns about constitutionality exist.  Indiana lawyers and state and federal court judges will soon mark eight centuries since Britain's King John placed his seal on the Magna Carta, which guarentees, among other things, right to a trial by jury.

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IndyBar: Around the Bar

Members of the bar mingled with trial and appellate-level judges from local, state and federal courts at the Indy Attorneys Network section’s annual “At the Bar with the Bench” event on Thursday, August 20.

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