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MARCH 22-APRIL 4, 2017

New law firm leaders are taking over during a time of rapid and dynamic changes in the profession. The Indiana Supreme Court is addressing language barriers in court through a new task force. Disability claims may be tougher to get approved after rule change.

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Cultivating the next generation

Attorney Joseph Smith is among a new cadre of leaders stepping into management positions, taking a seat on high-level committees or becoming practice chairs in large law firms. Baby boomers are retiring or transitioning from their practices, creating openings in leadership roles.

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Adolay: The consequences of improper employee classification

A dangerous yet continued way of thinking by some companies is that the company can enter into a contract with an individual and call it an independent contractor agreement, agree on how that agreement will be structured, and be protected from liability normally attributed to an employer. This misconception carries a potential for significant damages for the company and its decision-makers.

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DTCI: Counsel, can you spare the time?

A famous saying which came to exemplify the Great Depression was, “Brother, can you spare a dime?” My question posed to Hoosier attorneys is, “Counsel, can you spare some time?”

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