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MAY 15-28, 2019

The shooting of two Clark County judges in Indianapolis recently appears to have more unresolved answers than questions.
IU McKinney students are bringing energy, enthusiasm and prospects for a better future to participants in a federal court re-entry program. The Indiana legal community is remembering two Hoosier giants of the United States Senate who died within weeks of each other — Birch Bayh and Richard Lugar.

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Bont: Government’s gang reports not clowning around

In 2011, the FBI’s National Gang Intelligence Center Report identified the Juggalos — criminal-minded fans of the musical act Insane Clown Posse — of the as a “hybrid gang,” which was nebulously defined as a loosely organized group of individuals with multiple affiliations and a high propensity for random criminal activity. Juggalos are no longer classified as a gang.

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IndyBar: Senator Lugar and the IndyBar Bar Leader Class XVI

I have been thinking about leadership in the wake of the recent death of Senator Richard Lugar. Why are leaders so important? They inspire, challenge and motivate us. They have traits that we admire and hope to emulate. Senator Lugar, for example, exuded intelligence and empathy, an understanding of both sides of issues that dignified rather than denigrated the decision-making process.

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IndyBar: Navigating Records Requests Under Indiana’s Access to Public Records Act

The Indianapolis Bar Association’s recent CLE, An Introduction to Using and Refusing under Indiana’s Access to Public Records Act, was a valuable primer on the state’s version of the Freedom of Information Act. The program was a presentation of the E-Discovery, Information Governance & Cybersecurity Section. There are some similarities, but more differences between discovery requests and public records requests.

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