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MAY 8-21, 2013

The Marion County Clerk's Office recently experienced a "throwback" week in which staff had to hand stamp paper files. Blame technology. New lawyers are finding that the bloom is still not on the hiring rose. Social media sleuths can find things online that people thought were deleted - that may come back to haunt them in court.

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Hammerle on … ‘Mud,’ ‘No’

It wasn’t that long ago that I would have given Matthew McConaughey the same chance of receiving an Oscar nomination as the Supreme Leader of North Korea receiving a Nobel Peace Prize. Times haven’t changed on the Korean Peninsula, but they certainly have in Hollywood.

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IBA: How to Save Time and Increase Cash Flow

Time is money. You may not be able to detail it on a year-end balance sheet or claim a whiled away afternoon as a legitimate loss, but the old adage is still true. For lawyers dependent on hourly billing, managing time is one of the most essential professional practices to be mastered.

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IBA: Fun Abounds at the Bench Bar Conference

Though the Bench Bar Conference’s unparalleled educational programming naturally receives top billing, its plentiful non-CLE related offerings are also worthy of being shared and appreciated. From golf to trivia, these activities are vital in creating the casual, relaxed atmosphere that has mad

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