DTCI: Looking forward to simple pleasures whenever we return to normal

As I write this article, my thoughts are focusing on the future and what I anticipate doing again when we return to normal — whatever that normal may be. Some who know me — and especially my wife — know that I am more of a “half-empty glass” than a “half-full glass” person. However, with an optimistic eye, I will look forward to what the future may be when we return to normal.

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AG Hill: Holcomb violated constitution with COVID church closures

Gov. Eric Holcomb’s restriction on in-person religious gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic was a violation of the First Amendment, Attorney General Curtis Hill said in a new advisory opinion. His opinion comes despite recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings that have upheld state restrictions on churches imposed in response to the pandemic.

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VP debate takeaways: Pandemic looms over a more civil fight

Vice President Mike Pence faced considerable pressure at Wednesday’s debate to boost coronavirus-stricken President Donald Trump’s flagging reelection hopes, while California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris balanced her role as Joe Biden’s validator with her own historic presence as the first Black woman on a major party national ticket.

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