7th Circuit proposes local fee order rule changes

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has proposed revisions to its local fee rule that would strike the explicit current local attorney admission fee of $15 and replace it with language referring to the court’s attorney admission local fee order. That order currently sets the fee at $15, as well.

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Southern District finds ‘immediate need’ to remove, amend death penalty rule

The Indiana Southern District Court determined there was an immediate need to delete Local Criminal Rule 6-1 ­– Petitions Under 28 U.S.C. Section 2254 or 2255 in Cases Involving a Sentence of Capital Punishment, according to a Monday notice. In response, the rule was replaced with the adoption of Local Criminal Rule 38-2 – Cases Challenging the Conviction and/or Sentence Where a Sentence of Death Has Been Imposed.  

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Supreme Court committee seeks comment on amendments to ‘lazy judge’ rules

The Indiana Supreme Court is seeking comment on proposed changes to trial rules that govern what happens if a trial judge fails to timely rule on a motion and that would remove Supreme Court involvement in the appointment of a special judge. The court’s Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure is considering amendments to Indiana Trial Rules 53.1 and 53.2.

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