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APRIL 5-18, 2017

A southern Indiana lawyer stands by his rollover crash tests he conducted - with him as the 'crash test dummy' - even though courts have ruled them inadmissible. Fewer offenders are paying user fees, meaning probation and community corrections departments around the state are feeling the strain. A Carmel attorney's podcast on franchise law has led to more than 20 new clients.

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Evansville, Kentucky police face trial over arrests in man’s death

Evansville family members who were interrogated, arrested and charged in a foster relative’s death may proceed with a federal civil-rights suit that alleges authorities on both sides of the Ohio River where the man’s body was found wrongly arrested them and falsified reports to build a case that unraveled.

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SCOTUS takes securities-fraud clash involving Indiana pensions

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to use a case stemming from a New York City contract fraud to clarify investors’ ability to sue companies for omitting information from shareholder reports. Investors led by the Indiana Public Retirement System urged the Supreme Court not to take up the dispute.

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DTCI: Foreseeability and duty of care

If your client is sued for negligence, determining whether it owed a duty of care to the plaintiff can make a world of difference in the outcome of the case. Two recent Indiana Supreme Court opinions have clarified how Indiana courts should analyze foreseeability to determine whether a duty of care is owed to the plaintiff.

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IndyBar: Bar Leader Series Participants Tackle Community Issues

In order to provide an opportunity for the participants of the Bar Leader Series to actively utilize the skills and knowledge that they are learning during the series, the class has been asked to identify unmet needs and develop and execute community service projects aimed to fill those gaps as a benefit to the Indianapolis community.

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