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Dec. 9-22, 2020

Trying what a law firm saw as an eight-figure personal injury lawsuit to a successful jury verdict during a pandemic was just one aspect of an unusual recent trial. Women general counsel at three of Indiana’s life sciences giants are helping their companies pivot to meet the new challenges of the global pandemic and positioning their legal departments to be an integral part of addressing social inequities. And the Bayh-Dole Act has contributed hundreds of billions of dollars to the U.S. economy and supported millions of jobs since it was signed into law 40 years ago. But the landmark legislation now hailed as an engine of innovation and enterprise almost never came to pass.

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Indiana switching to Uniform Bar Exam in July

Indiana’s decision to adopt the Uniform Bar Exam came after a year of study, and the decision wasn’t unanimous. As Chief Justice Loretta Rush explained, “I really respect the dissenting opinion and in many ways a lot of us agree with what they are saying. But we really felt the time had come.”

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Guardians seek changes to assist in final arrangements

A guardianship task force has recommended that the Indiana Legislature amend state statute to give guardians authority over dispositions if necessary. While the concept received general support in a recent meeting of the Probate Code Study Commission, the question remained: how do you balance the authority of a guardian with that of another party, such as a POA?

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Coalition enlists public for ‘shadow redistricting’

A coalition of activist groups has announced a new push against what it calls partisan gerrymandering by Indiana’s Republican-dominated Legislature. The organization All IN for Democracy is creating an Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission to shadow the Indiana General Assembly as it redraws the congressional and legislative maps next year using 2020 census data.

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Unleashing innovation: 40th anniversary of Bayh-Dole Act celebrates law credited with improving lives around the world

The Bayh-Dole Act, marking its 40th anniversary, has contributed hundreds of billions of dollars to the U.S. gross domestic product and supported million jobs by unleashing the discoveries in America’s leading universities. But the landmark legislation now hailed as an engine of innovation and enterprise almost never came to pass.

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Hiler: Conducting patent due diligence in corporate acquisitions

A company considering acquiring a target company having patent assets should evaluate such patent assets by having its lawyer gather information, verify facts, and assess risks associated with acquisition of the target company. This patent due diligence is performed by the lawyer to advise their client regarding issues impacting the potential acquisition, including, for example, acquisition price and structure.

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Hartz: Don’t let intellectual property be an after-pandemic thought

Whether next month, next year, or even beyond, at some point, the COVID-19 pandemic will begin to end. The world may look and feel a bit different, but the intangible intellectual property system will still be here, and we can take steps now to better position you (or your clients) for what comes next.

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Bont: White collar update: Sacklers, Flynn elude criminal charges

In the current administration, it is somewhat unusual for the government to prosecute corporate wrongdoing using every weapon in its arsenal. Particularly given the Department of Justice’s recent practice of publicly announcing decisions not to prosecute corporations that have been under criminal investigation, the recent announcement of resolved criminal charges against Purdue Pharma is unique.

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JLAP: Grief is more than just the ‘holiday blues’

There is more in the air than holiday cheer. It feels heavy and different, the kind of energy you can’t put your finger on. David Kessler, renowned grief expert, issued a wake-up call: “We are all dealing with the collective loss of the world we knew. The world we knew is now gone forever.” If you feel like singing the blues, you are not alone.

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