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JAN. 8-21, 2020

What a long, appealing trip it's been: The Indiana Court of Appeals has finally made it to all 92 Hoosier counties to host oral arguments in its Appeals on Wheels program. The American Bar Association has some advice for transitioning lawyers, which is wise counsel for those moving between firms. And just weeks into the Marion County Prosectuor's Office's good-faith effort program, scores of Indianapolis residents have had their driving privileges restored while getting on the right road to catching up their child support obligations.  

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Round trip: Indiana COA hears arguments in all 92 counties

The Indiana Court of Appeals has wrapped up its pursuit of visiting every county through its Appeals on Wheels program. Introduced during the appellate court’s centennial in 2001, the traveling program has ventured statewide to high schools, colleges, law schools and other venues, promoting civics education by inviting local communities to observe how the appellate judiciary works.

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Wise counsel when moving between firms

Law firm managers have long known they can’t require attorneys to sign noncompete agreements when they join a firm. Even so, there have still been instances where firms have made it challenging for a lawyer trying to make a lateral move. But a recent opinion from the American Bar Association Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility makes it clear that any provision of an employment agreement that interferes with a client’s autonomy is never acceptable.

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Many see advantages in Uniform Bar Exam

Working at a Fort Wayne law firm before enrolling in law school, Julia Kosnik saw the benefit of being able to help clients across state lines from a partner who was licensed in both Indiana and Michigan. “It would be so much easier if I could take the (Uniform Bar Exam) and practice in both states,” Kosnik said. “I’m hoping they move in that direction.”

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