Legal aid receives major funding increase from Congress

Legal Services Corp., which supports legal aid organizations around the country including Indiana Legal Services, has received a $560 million appropriation from Congress — a 14.5% increase over last year’s $489 million and the largest percentage boost in funding since 1979.

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Ripple effect of evictions impacts more than tenants

As bad as the stigma may be, the ripple effect created by an eviction petition is much worse. The loss of a home can throw a displaced family into a downward spiral that leads to health problems, loss of employment and poor performance in school. All of this, in turn, harms the larger community.

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LSC report spotlights need to help veterans

Military veterans often hear about how much their service is valued, but the transition from active duty to the civilian world is a difficult journey that can force them to face, alone, struggles with physical and mental health, endless bureaucracy and the nuances of living life out of uniform. Compounding the difficulties are the civil legal issues that burden many former service members.

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