• From a bicycle to a jet: New Marion County Justice Center to put technology first

    Lawyers who have had a hearing or trial in the Indianapolis City-County Building often had to bring their own equipment, lug in the hardware, use their own applications and programs to present their material, then pack and lug everything back to the office. The situation will be dramatically different at Marion County’s new Community Justice Center under construction southeast of downtown.

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Justice center move will bring changes to 2 neighborhoods

The $572 million Criminal Justice Center won’t open until 2022, at which time scores of city and county employees—working for the courts, public defender, prosecutor, sheriff and other agencies—will move from downtown’s Market East Cultural District 2 ½ miles east to the Twin Aire neighborhood. But city officials and businesses are already thinking about how both neighborhoods will be changed by the shift.

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Indianapolis jail at Twin Aire touted as criminal justice reform

Dozens of city, county, neighborhood and social services representatives gathered in the bracing cold Tuesday morning on the site of the decade-defunct Citizens Gas and Coke Utility plant site in the Twin Aire neighborhood just about three miles southeast of downtown Indianapolis. A new criminal justice center is proposed to rise in the 2900 block of East Prospect Avenue.

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