• Web Exclusive: ILS pilot guides pro se parents in child support

    A pilot partnership between Indiana Legal Services and a Tippecanoe County court is providing in-court assistance to pro se litigants in divorce cases. Attorneys sit down with litigants behind closed doors, gather the necessary child-support information, fill out the paperwork and send parents back into the courtroom.


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New site a landing page for civil legal aid

The Coalition for Court Access recently launched the website Indianalegalhelp.org. Now, Hoosiers needing help with a divorce, child custody issue, eviction or other civil legal problems have a new place to find answers and additional resources without having to make a phone call, schedule an appointment or even drive to a courthouse.

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Fogle seeks $57 million in damages in D.C. filing

Former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle is continuing his legal fight against his 2015 child pornography convictions, this time filing a complaint in a Washington, D.C., district court alleging judicial fraud and seeking $57 million in damages. The filing is the latest in a series of pro se jailhouse filings by Fogle that sometimes have incorporated sovereign citizen-styled pleadings.

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ADA complaint against IPS will continue

A federal lawsuit alleging Indianapolis Public Schools failed to accommodate a former employee’s disability will proceed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana after a judge partially denied IPS’ motion to dismiss.

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