Kosc: Real regulation around artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence offers great potential to positively affect virtually all areas of our lives. There is, however, significant potential for abuse and harm resulting from irresponsible use of AI. These warnings have led to a growing body of regulation around AI, which seems likely to increase as this technology develops.

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Macchia: Are noncompetes standing on shaky ground?

Over the last 18 months we have seen drastic changes in this country’s employment laws as a result of the pandemic, including new and updated laws and regulations related to sick leave, unemployment compensation and employee safety requirements. One change that has been mostly overshadowed by the ever-evolving nature of the pandemic, and its impact on the employment area, is a shift in the use and the enforceability of noncompetition agreements.

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More Indiana law firms returning to in-person work

Indiana law firms are either having attorneys and staff come back to office or making plans for a return in a few months. The firms contacted by The Indiana Lawyer are encouraging rather than requiring their employees to get vaccinated, and they have found most of their workforces have been inoculated.

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