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AUG. 18-31, 2010

Read one attorney's thoughts on how the Americans with Disabilities Act has change perspectives since it was signed 20 years ago. See what national issues the Indiana attorney general is keeping an eye on. Meet the attorney who decided to forgo physical office space for a 'virtual' office.

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20 years of rights under the ADA

While many people might take it for granted that accessibility for all people is now commonplace and that it is illegal to
discriminate against an employee based on a disability, the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed only 20 years ago.

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Indiana’s tax judge to retire

When comparing his past two jobs, Judge Thomas G. Fisher admits that he finds stories from his prosecutor days more interesting
than those in the past quarter century when he’s presided over the state’s appellate tax court.

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Baker & Daniels hosts pro bono mediations

As a way to help judges and parties in paternity court in Marion County, an Indianapolis law firm recently offered conference
rooms and support staff for a day of pro bono mediation in its offices, something firm members say they hope other law firms
will consider if they have the available space.

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Editorial: Nature of work requires adequate safety plan

A few days after then-U.S. District Court Judge David Hamilton ruled in late 2005 in Anthony Hinrichs, et al. v. Brian Bosma, et al., that sectarian prayer could not be used to open legislative sessions, we received a phone call from someone who wanted the judge’s e-mail address and contact information. We declined to give that information.

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IBA: Criminal Jury Questionnaire Under Review

Those practicing in the Marion County Criminal Courts have long sought revision to the jury questionnaire to improve the
effectiveness of juror selection and to improve the efficiency of the process. A movement is now underway to undertake those
needed revisions.

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