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OCT. 2-15, 2019

The announcement that Terry Curry was stepping down to tend to his health was followed by another surprise from the Marion County Prosecutor's Office: the end of low-level marijuana prosecutions in Indianapolis. Meanwhile, counties statewide also are gearing up for big changes beginning next year, when new rules governing pretrial release in criminal cases take effect.

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The prosecution rests: Curry steps down

With a voice that sometimes came close to breaking, Terry Curry announced he was resigning as Marion County Prosecutor on Sept. 23, saying his health and desire to spend more time with his family forced him to make the difficult decision to leave the job he loves.

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Justices’ rent-to-own ruling helps consumers, lawyers say

The Indiana Supreme Court reviewed a dispute over a rent-to-own contract and determined the family who had been living in the home were renters, not buyers. The ruling in Rainbow Realty Group, Inc., et al. v. Katrina Carter and Quentin Lintner, might give families who enter rent-to-buy contracts some remedy to prevent their dreams of homeownership from becoming a nightmare.

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New SCOTUS word limits sharpen focus on writing

In a change effective July 1, the U.S. Supreme Court reduced the number of words litigants and friends can use in their submissions. The word limit for briefs on the merits of the case was slashed by 2,000 to 13,000. Also, amicus briefs were slimmed down to 8,000 from 9,000, although briefs from some entities such as federal agencies and state attorneys general were exempted from the reduction.

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Taking a seat at the table: Women neutrals underrepresented in some fields

In the field of alternative dispute resolution, diversity appears to be making fewer gains than in the legal profession as a whole. A 2018 article in the ABA Journal reported that, generally, studies show women comprising around 20% of the national ADR field. Similarly, American Bar Association Resolution 105 calls dispute resolution “arguably the least diverse corner of the profession.”

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French: Predicting mediator’s agenda key to success

Mediation results in a settlement more than 85% of the time. However, getting to “yes” is hard work — especially for the mediator. While we lawyers do a great job of advocating in mediation, we could do more to make the process more productive, and perhaps improve the likelihood of settlement, by focusing on developing the mediator’s agenda in advance of mediation.

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Letter to the editor: Support key rule to curb housing discrimination

One of our strongest tools to hold bad actors accountable in the central Indiana housing market has been the disparate impact rule. However, the recent proposed rule issued by this administration, if enacted, would establish an onerous five-step process that would clearly preclude most from bringing future legal challenges that contain disparate impact claims.

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Start Page: Take a hands-off approach: Control iPhone with your voice

Recently, Apple released the latest version of its iPhone operating system, iOS 13 (iPad software is coming soon). Each year, the software gets better when it comes to entering text, which is the key to getting stuff done on your phone. Apple does not disappoint with iOS 13, offering two features that have been around for a while, but continue to get better: Voice Control and swipe keyboard (QuickPath).

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IndyBar: Practicing the “Certain Way”

The Marion County Bar Association (MCBA) has invested significant time, thought and resources in 2019 to ensure we are mastering “small things in a great way.” Much of the work goes unseen, but these efforts represent fundamental building blocks integral to enhancing the MCBA’s reach and impact. We believe this approach is a proven formula for sustained relevance and long-term success.

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IndyBar: Professionalism Through Two Lenses

I’ve been a public defender since I graduated from law school, and I have found criminal law attorneys especially collegial and close-knit. I was interested in hearing another attorney’s perspective on the criminal law community and wanted to speak with someone who had practiced both as a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney. Attorney Katie Jackson-Lindsay kindly answered some questions for me.

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IndyBar: Commemorate and Celebrate at Memorial Service in Historic Indiana Supreme Court Courtroom

On November 14, join us as we gather in the Indiana Supreme Court courtroom from 3 to 4:30 p.m. for the IndyBar HEAL (Helping Enrich Attorneys’ Lives) Committee’s fourth annual Celebration of Life & Career. Each year, this memorial service gives us an opportunity to honor the lives and careers of local attorneys, judges and paralegals who passed away in the previous year.

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