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SEPT. 5-18, 2018

James Sweeney's confirmation as the first judge in eight years to the Indiana Southern District Court came in a rare display of Senate bipartisanship, elevating an attorney known for his collegial spirit and can-do attitude. As a lawsuit seeking to privatize the Indiana shore of Lake Michigan proceeds toward the U.S. Supreme Court, an answered question is, who's doing the suing? A smartphone privacy decision could be a landmark ruling on how technology impacts rights.

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Private plaintiff taking public access case to SCOTUS?

After a years-long fight, the Indiana Supreme Court in February issued a ruling that affirmed what’s come naturally to generations of Hoosiers: Indiana’s beach on Lake Michigan belongs to the public.
But parties who sued to privatize the beach, whose names are the only plaintiffs listed on filings to the U.S. Supreme Court, don’t own the property. They haven’t for years.

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Smartphone privacy ruling tests how technology affects rights

A consequential Indiana Court of Appeals ruling on an issue of first impression last month marked one of the first times state courts have been asked to reconcile civil rights with advancing technology. The question: considering the personal nature of the contents of a person’s smartphone, can an individual be forced to unlock a smartphone without violating the Fifth Amendment?

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Legal analytics help lawyers respond to client questions

in an age of technology, new legal tech tools are being designed to provide attorneys with more specific answers for clients’ numerous questions about expected case outcomes. Legal analytics tools provide data on how a judge typically rules on summary judgment motions, how long a particular judge generally takes to decide a case or how often opposing counsel chooses to settle.

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Proposal to sunset Ohio River pollution standards yields flood of concern

Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission members, including three from Indiana, are preparing to vote on a proposal that would sunset the organization’s pollution control standards. That proposal has yielded thousands of pages of public comments from proponents who say ORSANCO’s standards are redundant and, more significantly, from opponents who fear water quality in Indiana would suffer.

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Harrell and Lucas: CPP vs. ACE — A case study of administrative ‘parenting styles’

Most of us can recall when our caretakers made different parenting choices to achieve similar outcomes. Some embraced “tough love” where discipline and strictness set expectations. Others used gentler encouragement and allowed broader autonomy. Those parenting styles — the “tough” versus the “flexible” parent — are apt frameworks for comparing the Obama-era Clean Power Plan (CPP) and the Trump-era Affordable Clean Energy rule (ACE) approaches to carbon dioxide emissions limits for electric utility steam generating units (EGUs).

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IndyBar: The Indianapolis Bar Foundation Needs You

The responsibility to reform our office space creates an incredible opportunity for all of us to demonstrate to our legal community, the citizens of Central Indiana and to those similarly situated communities in the United States how the IndyBar is on the cutting-edge by creating an office facility that will be welcoming to young lawyers, as well as experienced practitioners.

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IndyBar: McMillian to Lead Indianapolis Bar Association in 2021

The Indianapolis Bar Association’s Nominating Committee has announced the selection of Jimmie McMillian as the 2021 President of the Indianapolis Bar Association. McMillian will serve as the association’s First Vice President on the 2019 Board of Directors and as President-Elect in 2020.

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