Laurin: Viewing mediation success from both sides of the equation

I have represented clients in numerous mediations for the past 25 years. In the last five years, while continuing to represent clients in mediations, I have had the opportunity to view the process from the other side as a private mediator. Based on this “dual role,” here are a few expectations that I believe the parties should have for each other in a mediation.

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IndyBar: I’ve Got Your (Feed)Back: Giving and Getting Feedback in Mediation

Recently, I participated in a mediation. The case did not settle. Later that evening, I received an email from the mediator, giving me some feedback as to the what the mediator thought were the stumbling blocks in the case that day and some ideas as to what resolutions may still be salvageable. I rarely receive post-mediation emails from a mediator. But I really appreciated the feedback. It was challenging yet motivating.

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