IndyBar President’s Column: A Salute to Dean Klein

Dean Andrew Klein routinely tells us that he isn’t going anywhere after his one-year sabbatical. He intends to return to the classroom at IU McKinney. Law students will be better off for it. He intends to continue to support the IndyBar and the IBF and, in turn, the Indianapolis legal community. Our profession will be better off for it.

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IndyBar President’s Column: Find the Good!

There is no doubt that keeping up a remote law practice in a precarious economy has been challenging — clients are eagerly trying to find ways to manage their legal budgets, and there is a constant stream of legal updates, alerts and webinars to draft and read (including from the IndyBar!) But, there has been exceptional good professionally as well.

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IndyBar President’s Column: Why Lawyers are Essential to the Legislature — The Curious Case of Mr. Mears Fishing Without Bait

The would-be angler Marvin Mears took an unexpected trip to the Supreme Court of Indiana after he caught a fish without bait. The law in Indiana said that “[i]t shall be unlawful for any person to take . . . or attempt to take . . . any fish in the waters of this state . . . by any means other than angling with hook and line.” Mr. Mears didn’t reasonably believe that the Indiana General Assembly intended to outlaw his scheme. He was “angling with hook and line” after all. Or so he thought.

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