Trimble: Please … Tell Me Why Not?

Within the past two weeks I have had the pleasure of being a part of the 2016 planning retreats for the sections, committees and board of the Indianapolis Bar Association and the board of the Indianapolis Bar Foundation.

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Trimble: ‘Believe What You Wish To Believe: The Decision Is Yours’

On Friday, Nov. 6th, I had the opportunity to represent the Indianapolis Bar Association at a very special naturalization ceremony that was conducted at the site of the 39th annual Indy International Festival. One hundred and ninety five individuals from 62 countries took the oath of citizenship that day and became newly-minted United States citizens.

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Trimble: Have You Hired A Contract Lawyer Lately?

In a perfect world, my dream would be for every job seeker to land a full-time position. I would also hope that all of you could find the time to network and mentor our colleagues who cannot find work. In the meantime, I have one question for you: “Have you hired a contract lawyer lately?"

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