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JULY 7-20, 2021

In the July 7 issue, IL reporter Katie Stancombe speaks with an Indianapolis lawyer who recently penned her first book examining the intersection between the HIV crisis, Ryan White, the economy in Kokomo and the court system. Also, Stancombe and IL senior reporter Marilyn Odendahl explore the summer associate experience and how it's been affected by the tumult of the last year. Plus, why some Hoosier health care workers are fighting against a vaccine mandate, and whether they have a legal leg to stand on.

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Attorney’s new book explores connection between AIDS, Ryan White, Kokomo’s deindustrialization

In her first published book, “Blood and Steel: Ryan White, the AIDS Crisis and Deindustrialization in Kokomo, Indiana,” Indianapolis attorney Ruth Reichard delves into the relationships between three major events: one of Kokomo’s largest employers, Continental Steel, filing for bankruptcy, the spread of HIV/AIDS in the 1980s, and Ryan White’s fight to attend public school after being diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

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Legal workload expected to increase in ‘return to work world’

With offices reopening and employees relearning how to conduct themselves in a professional workspace, in-house attorneys and human resources leaders are not expecting the transition to a pre-pandemic normal to be easy. Decision-makers anticipate a rise in administrative claims and lawsuits related to labor and employment matters over the next year.

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