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FEB. 5-18, 2020

Two Indianapolis attorneys are setting sail on a years-long voyage, where they will work while also working their way through the inland and coastal waters of the North America Great Loop. For married same-sex women, a court ruling in a birth certificate case brought relief, if not finality, to their desires to be legally recognized as parents. And from ballot boxes to hanging chads, the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site has curated a collection of voting machines in America through the centuries.  

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Birth certificate ruling brings relief

In a cruel twist, Crystal and Noell Allen discovered even though Indiana prohibited them from being listed as parents on their twins’ birth certificates, the state did allow both mothers to be identified as parents on the babies’ death certificates. The couple prevailed in court, but their battle to be legally recognized as parents — along with other women in same-sex marriages — may not be over.

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Justice by geography? Bill aims to bring uniformity to indigency determinations

Across Indiana, lawyers say judges in different counties often take different approaches to making an indigency determination. That’s led to what some call “justice by geography” — that is, a person facing charges might be deemed indigent in one county, but the same person facing the same charges in another county might be found to have the ability to pay. A Senate bill seeks a statewide standard.

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Prosecutor fighting discipline over role in police sex investigation

The elected prosecutor of Knox County in southwestern Indiana faces an attorney discipline case related to his conduct stemming from a local police investigation into his former chief deputy prosecutor’s relationship with a woman who was serving time on drug charges. An attorney for the prosecutor, however, is contesting the discipline case and says the prosecutor is the victim of a vendetta born of the small-town rumor mill.

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From a bicycle to a jet: New Marion County Justice Center to put technology first

Lawyers who have had a hearing or trial in the Indianapolis City-County Building often had to bring their own equipment, lug in the hardware, use their own applications and programs to present their material, then pack and lug everything back to the office. The situation will be dramatically different at Marion County’s new Community Justice Center under construction southeast of downtown.

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Legal pros on demand: Latitude Indiana to provide attorneys, legal services for short-term needs

A new legal services company rooted in Nashville has recently settled in Indianapolis, with a Hoosier attorney at the helm. Latitude, a Tennessee-based legal services provider founded in 2014, announced the establishment of its Indiana office last month. The company claims it will provide on-demand, sophisticated attorney expertise for Indiana corporations and law firms while increasing flexibility and reducing costs.

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Dreyer: Speaking of analogies, how about judges and basketball?

I have always wanted to be a basketball referee. Throughout my sports fan life, I have often seen refs that were good, and some that were not so good. As a new lawyer many years ago, and through 16 years of pre-bench practice, I also saw judges who were good and some who were not so good. I always made mental notes about the essential qualities of both kinds of judges for my future reference.

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Disciplinary Actions

Find out who has been disbarred, reprimanded, suspended, or who has resigned from the practice of law in Indiana during the most recent reporting period.

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IndyBar: New for 2020: Reduced CLE Rate for New Lawyers!

The IndyBar is making legal education more accessible than ever. Get the info (and the credits) you need to succeed with our newly-reduced rates on CLE programs! Effective immediately, attorney members in practice eight or fewer years pay just $20 per credit hour at any one of the IndyBar’s more than 150 CLE programs held annually.

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