In This Issue of Indiana Lawyer

JAN. 18-31, 2023

If you're a litigator, you're likely familiar with Indiana Appellate Rule 65(D) — and you're also likely aware that an amendment to that rule is giving lawyers the opportunity to cite nonpublished opinions from the Court of Appeals of Indiana for "persuasive" value. Indiana Lawyer Managing Editor Jordan Morey has more on the change and what it means for attorneys. Speaking of the Court of Appeals: A new judge is joining the bench on Jan. 18. Our new reporter, Alexa Shrake, has the details. And in the Law Firm Combinations Focus, IL Senior Reporter Marilyn Odendahl talks to law firm partners about how they keep attorney talent after a merger. Read those stories and more in the Jan. 18-31, 2023, issue of Indiana Lawyer.

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