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NOV. 11-24, 2020

Republican Todd Rokita cruised to victory in the closely watched Indiana Attorney General race as Republicans also made gains in the Indiana Statehouse and in courthouses around the Hoosier State. Pro bono attorneys came to the aid of a grateful client, getting down to business to resolve the financial mess she was left in by her ex-husband. And an adoption attorney is fostering hope with a new docuseries exploring Indiana's foster care system.

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Rokita wins race for AG, GOP retains state offices

Former Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita is heading back to the Indiana Statehouse after claiming victory in the race for Indiana attorney general. Rokita, also a former Congressman, defeated Democratic candidate Jonathan Weinzapfel in the Nov. 3 election, securing about 58% of the vote.

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Van Tyle: The future of immigration in 2021 and beyond

Former Vice President Joe Biden has declared victory in the 2020 election. Both President Donald Trump and Biden have plans for immigration in this country, though their plans vary widely. I’ve chosen a few hot topic issues on which to compare the candidates, but it in no way represents the comprehensive platforms of either candidate.

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Durham: Best practices for I-9 compliance critical during pandemic

As the economy reopens, immigration compliance, often an afterthought, should be a priority as organizations recall furloughed workers and hire new employees. Employers who adhere to best practices for immigration compliance not only mitigate the risk of immigration fines or criminal sanctions but also the negative publicity that often accompanies immigration enforcement actions.


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Parrish: IU Maurer research focusing on most topical issues of 2020

The three major stories of 2020 — the COVID-19 pandemic, the heightened awareness of racial injustice and the election — have made this year one that we will remember. While we couldn’t have envisioned all that would happen at the beginning of the year, our faculty are producing useful and thought-provoking scholarship on all these topics.

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Trimble: Are legal services a basic human need?

As we approach the end of 2020, many of us are contemplating our personal and business charitable contributions. The ravages of the pandemic have left many with no paycheck, no home and living in a state of hopelessness. Imagine what it has been like for people who were already in chronic need before COVID arrived. There has rarely been a time when the need for public generosity has been as great as it is this year.

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Maley: Federal practice resources and judge-specific procedures

Indiana’s federal courts, as well as the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, provide substantial and important practice resources, guidance and forms on their websites. Practitioners should peruse the sites periodically, and in particular with each new case, to see the latest local rules, forms, and practice requirements before the assigned judges.

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DTCI: Risk assessment and hazard analysis: making products defendable

Manufacturers operating in an international market must be prepared to defend their products in any venue. Risk assessment and hazard analysis is a “prepackaged” tool the manufacturer can use in defending product liability lawsuits; it shows how the manufacturer considered and accounted for risk at every stage of the design process.

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