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OCT. 16-29, 2019

The largest law firm in the world has entered the Indianapolis market, and IL details how the deal came about. Disciplinary charges against three judges involved in an Indianapolis shooting detail a night of conference-eve bar-hopping that led to a violent confrontation. In the 1970s, women law students were few. A tight-knit group of IU McKinney trailblazers has reunited annually, this year marking their 40th reunion. And a Taft lawyer who took on a toxic polluter and won is getting the star treatment in the upcoming major motion picture “Dark Waters”.

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3 judges face discipline in Indianapolis shooting

Clark Circuit Judges Andrew Adams and Bradley Jacobs and Crawford Circuit Judge Sabrina Bell each have been charged with ethics violations for their roles in a now-infamous Indianapolis altercation that left Adams and Jacobs hospitalized with serious gunshot wounds. The charges detail a night of bar-hopping by the southern Indiana jurists during the evening of April 30 into the early morning of May 1 that ended in a confrontation that escalated to violence.

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Bingham goes big: Combination with Dentons part of ‘national law firm’ launch

The first steps that led to the combination of Bingham Greenebaum Doll with international giant Dentons were taken in the late spring of 2018, when Bingham leaders W. Tobin McClamroch and Keith Bice fielded a proposal from a friend. In the conference room of Bingham’s Indianapolis office, Joe Andrew, Dentons global chairman and former partner at Bingham Summers Welsh & Spilman, told the partners about the need he saw for a national law firm with offices across the country. No firm currently has an office in the top 20 markets even though, he said, clients are everywhere.

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McKinney alumnae forge friendships spanning 40 years

A group of women law student trailblazers who entered the profession in the late 1970s never let their bond of friendship fade. At a recent 40th annual reunion,one asked her former IU McKinney classmates, “Can anyone here imagine being where you are today without the others?” They responded in unison, “no.”

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Boldt: Disclosing estate plans in advance can save strife later

Estate planning clients, typically those nearing or beyond retirement, often ask what kind of information they should share during life with the beneficiaries of their estate. If one child will be treated differently than others, how should they address it, if at all? Should they disclose the fact that an inheritance is likely?

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Moore: Premortem validation could help avert will, estate contests

Premortem validation may be a useful tool for any testator or settlor who suspects her will or trust will be challenged after her death. By implementing the premortem validation procedures, the testator or settlor can ensure a contest action will be brought while she is alive to defend her capacity and likely deter a meritless challenge.

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McDermott: 1 year to go — The Real ID countdown begins

You can mark your calendars now: in about a year, attorneys across Indiana will be getting frantic calls from untold numbers of people who are suddenly unable to fly on an airplane. The cause of this commotion will be the Real ID law, set to finally take full effect Oct. 1, 2020.

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Trimble: Rainmaking 101 — Building your social skills and network

The task of teaching a new lawyer to cultivate clients should not fall solely on the shoulders of the young lawyer. Firms need to provide financial support, mentoring and a strategy for the lawyers they hire. However, it is a two-way street. Young lawyers need to step forward and be strategic themselves.

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Quick: Aim to be leader of the pack in marketing

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett has said the main quality he looks for when considering an investment in a company is “an enduring competitive advantage.” There are a lot of elements that make up a competitive advantage. Very simply put, it’s your point of differentiation between your firm and your competitors.

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Disciplinary Actions

Read which Indiana lawyers recently had disciplinary judgments in their favor, were reinstated and suspended.

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IndyBar President’s Column: A Culture of “Yes”

My wife and I decided nearly 30 years ago that the most fun parents (the ones whose homes were always overflowing with kids and their friends), were disposed to say “yes” more than “no.” We decided that unless we had a really good reason, we would try to be “yes” parents. This led to many unexpected adventures and many learning experiences.

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IndyBar: Remember and Honor: Celebrate IndyBar Members’ Lives at the Celebration of Life and Career on Nov. 14

Each fall, the IndyBar remembers, honors, and celebrates the lives of members of the profession who passed away during the previous year (October 1, 2018 to September 1, 2019). Judge Steven Eichholtz and Commissioner Kelly Scanlan will moderate our service and will be joined by members of the judiciary and leaders of the Indianapolis Bar Association in conducting our celebration Nov. 14.

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IndyBar: Indiana Health Facility Cannabis Policy Considerations

Given that some elderly Indiana residents are likely to be in possession illegally of cannabis or are legally self-administering CBD products, how should Indiana health facilities address the issue in their policies? As a legal product, CBD now presents the same issues encountered with the self-administration of any other over-the-counter medication. Cannabis is more complicated though.

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IndyBar: Win Tickets to the 2019 BGD LegCon!

The IndyBar Government Practice Section is pleased to offer two tickets to Bingham Greenebaum Doll’s 28th annual Legislative Conference (LegCon) to section members. LegCon will take place from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 4 at the Indiana Convention Center.

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DTCI: When Expert’s Testimony Should Be Inadmissible

Considering the clear prohibition against expert contingency fee agreements expressed by the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct and the overwhelming authority from other jurisdictions, it is likely courts in our state will adopt a rule excluding contingent expert testimony, should the issue arise.

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