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APRIL 14-27, 2021

Tanya Walton Pratt is making making history as the first African American chief judge of U.S. Court for the Southern District of Indiana, but she also is looking forward to a future past the pandemic and, she hopes, with a new judgeship for one of the America’s busiest federal courts. For women judges, their journey to the bench often begins with a mentor who plants seeds of encouragement. And two Indianapolis nonprofits that serve youngsters in the child welfare system, Child Advocates and Kids’ Voice of Indiana, have been at the center of an argument that many families have had: Who can better care for the youngest members?      

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Evolving law addresses coverage after hack

In what one justice described as an “emerging area of law,” the Indiana Supreme Court recently issued an opinion that insurance lawyers say provides, for the first time, concrete guidance in Indiana on how far computer fraud insurance can extend against hacks.

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Stafford: Crooked Lake, St. Joe judicial bill merits a veto

A parade of attorneys from Lake and St. Joe counties testified against House Bill 1453. Most spoke in disbelief that this was happening without any prior consideration. They explained why they had taken their time and traveled all the way down to Indianapolis, some twice, to tell lawmakers why this is a bad idea and why the current judicial nominating system works. It was enough to give any reasonable person pause. But this is the Indiana Legislature we’re talking about.

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Bont: White collar update — Walmart pharmacy defense plays offense

Walmart took issue with the government’s assertion that national pharmacy chains are required to analyze and share prescribing data across its stores and with line pharmacists. After waiting four years for the government to initiate legal proceedings, Walmart took the offensive and filed a declaratory judgment action in the Eastern District of Texas. In essence, Walmart alleged to the court that the government was creating and enforcing laws that did not exist.

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