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DEC. 7-20, 2022

You've probably heard the news about major law schools dropping out of the U.S. News & World Report annual rankings, but are Indiana law schools joining in? And what could this "revolt" mean for legal education as a whole? Indiana Lawyer senior reporter Marilyn Odendahl dives into those questions. Meanwhile in the Indiana Statehouse, lawmakers are once again considering legislation to curb "noncompliant" prosecutors who refuse to bring charges for certain crimes. IL managing editor Jordan Morey has more on what lawmakers and prosecutors are saying. And in the Intellectual Property Focus, IL reporter Katie Stancombe returns to a story she first reported on in 2020 about a dispute between models and strip clubs, this time throwing arbitration and insurance into the mix; check out her latest report here. Read each of those stories and more in the Dec. 7-20, 2022, issue of Indiana Lawyer.

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Trimble: As year-end approaches, a time for reflection

So how was your year? Did you help anyone in a meaningful way? Did you advance the reputation of our profession? Did you serve a role in a bar association? Did you renew any friendships or make any new ones? Did you mentor a new lawyer? Were you a good partner, co-worker, boss, friend, spouse, companion, parent or child?

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