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SEPT. 29-OCT. 12, 2021

How are law firms and federal courts responding to President Joe Biden's new vaccine requirements? Some with mandates of their own, and some without. IL managing editor Jordan Morey and reporter Stancombe report. Meanwhile, redistricting continues at the Indiana Statehouse, with many Hoosiers accusing the Indiana GOP of drawing this year's maps in their party's favor. IL senior reporter Marilyn Odendahl has more. And in the Mediation/ADR Focus, Jordan brings you an inside look into a lesser-known division of the Office of the Indiana Attorney General. All of that and more inside the Sept. 29, 2021, issue of Indiana Lawyer.

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Denied counsel of choice, CHINS asks Supreme Court for help

Upon being retained by D.S. as counsel in his CHINS proceedings, Indianapolis attorney Rachel Roman-Lagunas visited him regularly, spoke with his family, arranged an in-person visit between him and his mother and assisted in getting him therapy. However, in an unusual turn, her advocacy has been interrupted by the trial court blocking her participation in the case.

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Web Exclusive: Paralegals, legal assistants pursue higher ed while serving law firms

Whether three or 30 years have passed since the last time they’ve received a formal education, several paralegals and legal assistants across the state have returned to, or recently graduated from, college while also working full-time. These women have sacrificed much over the last few months and years, but all say they feel the investment they’re putting into themselves is well worth the effort.

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DTCI: Random reflections from a walk

Frequently for my past columns for DTCI, ideas would rise to the surface of my consciousness during my walks through my neighborhood and along the country roads of Porter County. Not so much this year. But one or two thoughts did cross my mind that I think are worth sharing.

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