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DEC. 8-21, 2021

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought with it a wave of requests for compassionate release from federal inmates claiming to be at a higher risk from the virus. But now that authorized vaccines are on the scene, their chances of success are getting slimmer. IL reporter Katie Stancombe has that story. On a lighter note, IL senior reporter Marilyn Odendahl has the story of two attorneys who chose to leave the law in favor of of a faith-based vocation. And in the world of pro bono, IL managing editor Jordan Morey gives us an update on the newish pro bono publico licensing status designed to increase pro bono resources in the Hoosier State. All of that and more in the Dec. 8, 2021, issue of Indiana Lawyer.

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Inmates seeking COVID compassionate release face higher hurdle with 7th Circuit ruling

Since March 2020, attorney Kathryn DiNardo has taken up dozens of cases through the Indiana Federal Community Defenders from inmates hoping to be released early because of the pandemic. Those cases are but a drop in the bucket of inmates who have applied for compassionate release, and a July ruling from the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has seemingly further dwindled their chances of success.

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2 attorneys leave the law to answer the call of their faith

Neither Bishop Robert McClory of the Diocese of Gary nor United Methodist Pastor Denise Robinson experienced a jolt of conversion where they suddenly decided to make a U-turn and enter the religious life. Rather, the former commercial litigator and the former prosecutor, respectively, had long heard a quiet call of their faith and tried to respond by being active members of their churches. Eventually, however, they each determined they needed to do more, so they walked away from their legal careers to join the clergy.

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Past due: Personal debt rising, collection expected to grow

A July 2021 report by the Indiana Institute for Working Families found that from 2019 to 2020, debt levels in Indiana increased at a rate of 3.6%, which outpaced the national increase of 3.0%. In dollars, Indiana saw debt levels balloon by roughly $8 billion to $226.5 billion in 2020. This equates to $40,770 in household debt per Hoosier.

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Hartz: Social media sponsorship disclosures in 2021

As we enter peak gifting season, have you noticed an increase in the number of #ad or #sponsored posts in your social media feeds? While the holidays are one cause for this annual advertising bombardment, in parallel, enforcement of the unfair competition laws is leading to more sponsorship disclosures by content creators.

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Kosc: Real regulation around artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence offers great potential to positively affect virtually all areas of our lives. There is, however, significant potential for abuse and harm resulting from irresponsible use of AI. These warnings have led to a growing body of regulation around AI, which seems likely to increase as this technology develops.

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IndyBar: The Beatles and a Letter to the IBF

Not that I’ve had much time for tooling around these days, but I have managed to watch a bit of the Peter Jackson cut of “The Beatles: Get Back” sessions. As you know, dear IndyBar Foundation, The Beatles are without equal for me. I’ve tried to explain the nearly impossible “amaze-balls-ness” of The Beatles to the skeptics/haters/uninitiated (or as much as a Midwestern kid born in 1981 can divine about the real Beatles experience), and this is the best I’ve come up with.

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IndyBar: Indianapolis Bar Foundation Recognizes 2021 Fellows

The Indianapolis legal community thrives because of the dedication of many esteemed individuals who, using their unique talents, work together to advance justice and lead positive change. Each year the Indianapolis Bar Foundation honors such lawyers for their dedication to the law by bestowing on them the designation of Distinguished Fellow and Distinguished Life Fellow.

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