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March 17-30, 2021

A new dual-degree program is giving agriculture professionals a chance to learn the legalities of their work. Meanwhile, the state of Indiana is fighting multiple court orders requiring disclosure of the state's lethal injection cocktail. Plus, law students are learning the value of in-person communication through their pandemic clinic experiences.

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Election bills tweaking Indiana voting laws

Compared to the battles surrounding voting bills in states such as Iowa and Georgia, the six bills that are moving through the Indiana General Assembly appear to be making rather mild tweaks to Hoosier election laws rather than attempting a controversial overhaul.

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Letter to the editor: Proposed changes to merit selection may prove judicious

Your publication recently printed an article discussing the Indiana State Bar Association’s objections to Indiana Senate Joint Resolution 16. The bar association’s complaint about SJR 16, and the slant of the article, is that the resolution proposes to “strip” Hoosier voters of the power to retain Indiana appellate court judges and Supreme Court justices. I do not believe that complaint is well-founded.

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